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Entrepreneurs are innovators,

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Growing up on Chicago’s southside, Kimberly Moore had always been a fan of tinkering. Lovingly known to her family as ‘Ms. Fix It’, even at a young age she was able to focus on creative ways to solve problems. Approaching college at Northern Illinois University, Ms. Moore majored in Electrical Engineering and Math. While an undergraduate, she played basketball for the NIU Huskies in the power forward position and quickly developed a knack for getting people to remember her.  


Her presence is definitely one worth remembering. With a towering 6’1 frame and a welcoming smile, it is no surprise that Ms. Moore was able to make (and keep) friends of all types. What’s more is that her love of music made her an integral part of the college nightlife as well. Heralded on and off campus as a ‘Jill of all trades’, Kimberly graduated with her Bachelor of Science, then begin working at a nuclear power plant and purchased her first home. She lived comfortably but soon gave in to the call of secondary education, deciding to pursue her Masters degree in Engineering. 


During that time period, entrepreneurial spirit abound, Ms. Moore created approximately 7 different companies in an attempt to find her niche. After graduating with her Masters, Kimberly got her first job in the engineering field as a consultant handling distribution design for ComEd. She was very fortunate to have gotten into that position, and the department head saw the spark in her that made him want to train her and teach her everything he knew. This training eventually led to a managing position at another company. 


While working, Ms. Moore was also able to spend time working on more artistic measures by engineering music in the studio that she owned. Back to being a ‘Jill of all trades’, Kimberly was able to move between endeavors effortlessly and pursue any and every avenue that struck her fancy. 

In 2008, Kimberly started the company that would prove to be her catalyst into the world of successful entrepreneurship. After striking out on her own, KDM Engineering was created to provide consulting services on engineering projects. Unfortunately, the effects of the recession and the need to care for her ailing father created a conundrum that was not easily solved and resulted in her closing up shop and moving her life to Indianapolis where her father resided. 


After his untimely death, Ms. Moore returned, more ready than ever to make a go of the company that she believed in. She wanted to create a company that would focus on client experiences and customer service, and was successfully able to do so. Today, KDM Engineering is a multi-million dollar entity that has managed to outwork many of the other firms in the Chicagoland area. Since moving the company to a brand new, downtown office, Ms. Moore has been focused on growing and expanding her brand as much as possible in order to have a hand in community relations. Still, even with all of her success, there are moments when she can be caught sitting in her office and tinkering with some random object, no doubt relishing the moment and being grateful for the trajectory that got her to this point. Well-loved by employees and clients alike, Ms. Moore will continue making her mark in the industry, as well as the world. 

Calculated Genius is the brainchild of a woman who has done the work, built the business, and now wants to educate minorities on the ways in which they can do the same.


About Ms. Kimberly Moore
Executive Director, Mentor

Ms. Moore, in her office.

Ms. Moore, in her office.